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This program is growth focused, and for those Members who desire a more intense strategy. Create the future you've always dreamed of with a Prosper mindset. With a key focus on intense business development, establishing specific goals that are developed around your strengths and your unique offers. Setting goals with accountability, steps and coaching from key Resident Experts, along with the expertise of the Founders, one on one, to help you along the way.


Our Resident Experts have been invited into this program, and are MTGP PROSPER Members, who offer specific expertise for your growth.


GROW level Members can upgrade their Membership at anytime, to have full access to the resident expert sessions.


A La Carte: $125 + GST | PER SESSION


By Clicking on each photo, you will be able to learn more about each expert, find at synopsis on the current offering along with the link to register for the upcoming session(s).

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