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Upcoming Workshop:
approx 90 MIN


Financial Fundamentals – the foundation to any good plan is Knowledge. This session will help you understand the basics of Financial Planning and its tools. Not all tools are for all individuals – this will help you make well-informed decision for you.

What elements make up comprehensive planning? Who do I know what’s right for me? What are my financial goals? Will I have enough?

Lets find out!

MARCH 21,2023 starting at 8pm(CST)

Session COMPLETE - Thanks for joining us!

MAY 16, 2023 starting at 8pm (CST)

Upcoming Workshop:
approx 90 MIN

Debt and Budgeting – ever feel like its too big to tackle – like laundry? Don’t open the mail and the bills aren’t there?

In this session we talk about Debt and meaningful budgeting without shame or fear.

Facing it and creating a plan will reduce the emotional stress that is holding you back from excelling in other areas of your life.


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