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Upcoming Workshop:



What could you accomplish if you finally conquered self-sabotage? What would your life be like if you knew your true power and could command the energies of creation through an unshakeable sense of self-worth and personal authority over your life?


The latest brain research shows us that we are addicted to our own suffering on a physiological/neuro-chemical level, which makes hard-wired negative belief patterns very difficult to break. In essence we block our true desire with subconscious self-sabotaging behaviours in the form of “upper limits”, “secondary gains” and “negativity bias”. 


In this workshop Conscious Life Coach, Natalie Reimer Anderson, will guide you through recognizing the subconscious core beliefs that are directing your life, shine a light on these sneaky behaviour blocks so that you turn them to stepping stones, and give you practical tools to overcome these redundant low vibrational patterns so that you can consciously choose to embody your worthiness and create a clear pathway to command the manifestation of your true desire. 

Session COMPLETED - thanks for joining us!

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