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Expanding Our Network Into Canadian Provinces

Upcoming Entrepreneur Brunch - KELOWNA

MONDAY, June 12th, 2023

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The Made To Grow Project is GROWING!


Our 2nd Made To Grow Chapter

is located in Kelowna, BC and being led by Mindset + Alignment Coach, Laura MacLeod.

About Laura MacLeod - Kelowna Chapter Leader

Laura began her entrepreneurial journey later in life when she launched her business, Align Coaching.

After a health scare and the loss of both parents in one year, Laura knew there was no time to waste. She was ready to step out of the shadows and start using her voice to uplift and support women. She poured all of her past experience at the fire department and her love of personal growth into her new venture.


As a Mindset and Alignment Coach, Laura is passionate about sharing tools she uses in her own life to stay aligned, grounded, inspired and joyful. Passionate about mental health and self-care, Laura knows firsthand the importance of paying attention to our own needs in order to show up well in life.

This is not a dress rehearsal – it is the real thing.

Underlying everything Laura does, is a desire for connection. Connection with self, with community and with something bigger than ourselves. While coaching and leading retreat workshops, Laura aims to support and empower women to begin putting themselves first – some for the very first time.


The Made to Grow community has been pivotal in Laura’s growth as an entrepreneur and as a person. She is forever grateful for the connections she has made within this community and is now working to bring this beautiful community to more women in her area.


As a Mom of three, Laura does her best to show her kids how to go after their dreams. Being a Mom has been the most rewarding and challenging job Laura has ever had. You can find her at the lake or the ski hill, because nature is an essential part of her health and wellbeing.

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