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Upcoming Workshop:


Cozy up and join us for a workshop to discuss something that is part of being HUMAN. There are so many ways we hold ourselves back with the stories we tell ourselves - these are called limiting beliefs. 


Going through the process of becoming aware of our limiting beliefs allows us to choose a different story, rather than doing what we have always done. The payoff is that it will bring a different result - one that could change the trajectory of your life! Magic happens when we come together and get honest about what is holding us back. You discover that this is something we all battle, so let's talk about it.


MTG Limiting Beliefs Workshop (90 minutes)


Intro and breath exercise

  • WHAT are limiting beliefs and why are they important?

  • WHERE do limiting beliefs come from?

  • HOW do limiting beliefs affect us and how do we manage them moving forward?


Group discussion around big goals and the limiting beliefs that come up around them.


Journaling Questions for homework 

JUNE 6TH, 2023 @8PM CST

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