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The Beauty in Taking Up Space 


When you hear "taking up space", what comes to mind?

Oftentime as women, we have a difficult time with the concept of showing "authentically". Perhaps you never had the opportunity to authentically express your full self during childhood. So the idea of full self expression comes with an inner shame attack, in which you feel guilty or even egotistical. Contrary to your beliefs, when done in a harmonious way, taking up space allows you to be seen and heard and manifest your gift to the world. 


So what are you waiting for?

Let's say NO to squeezing yourself in and YES to taking up space!


Who needs to attend this gathering and why?


Are you tired of being a spectator in your own life? 


Do you find that you don't know what to do with your time unless your schedule is full?


Perhaps you're haunted by the need to be "productive" at all times and feel guilty otherwise.


If you answered YES to any of these, this gathering is for you - taking up space is your birthright!


Sacral Abundance: Exploring the Connection Between Our Sexuality, Shame, Money and Manifestation


Did you know there is a connection between your sacral chakra/womb space and your ability to generate abundance?


This is the centre where we as women store much of our sexual-based shame that binds the flow of sacral energy which is the energy of magnetism and manifestation.


Join The Holistic Self-Love Coach, Natalie Reimer Anderson, for a powerful workshop that will lovingly yet honestly shine a light on our culture-based shame programming and begin to open our flow of abundance through the owning our shame-free sexuality.


(Will contain explicit content)

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