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Where do I start.
It was so amazing!!


Connections Made!

Loved the table talks!

My favourite thing was hearing all of the stories and perspective of all of the women there. It really felt like we were all there to support each other.

Taking my business at my own pace is totally OK.

best take away was the opportunity to connect with successful people, they share what worked and what we needed to do

I was inspired after leaving the event to make a difference at my current workplace. I was also inspired how I could make my business a success from the beginning.

women supporting women can be very powerful.

It was amazing to see these women who have gone through what I am going through and relate to their experiences and receive encouragement from them.

The general vibe was vibrant, welcoming. A place where it felt good to share.

You’re not alone!

It was very inspiring. Loved the end
“made to grow”

Lots of social media tips + financial info. Loved hearing the relatable stories and understanding that whatever we are going through to just keep going!

It paid off for me writing down the questions before the event as everything was answered from the get-go. Actually I even wrote my "thought and feelings" around being a business owner and even with that I found out I was not alone in those thoughts and feelings!

Natalie's comment on self confidence 'If you were called to do it, you are qualified.' was my biggest take away.

How to financially prepare and for the next five years and protect my intellectual property. Both in table talks.

More of the same, bring it on!!

Biggest thing, I'm not alone! I'm an emotional people pleaser and learning to look after me is so very important. You can do even more when you have a tribe and when you are in a good space emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Join a mentor group!

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. People want to connect.

It was so fabulous being in a room filled with women all going through the same thing (for the most part). Start ups and struggles and growth and hard work. I loved it. I would attend again!!

I really liked the way it was organized, I thought the format worked great. I would say it was a well balanced between listening and interactive activities.

You need to put your face out there to get noticed.

My future path was affirmed and focused more than it had been when first walking into the room.

Hearing from each business owner about their struggle turned resilience.

Best takeaway is that you can start your business without having your niche defined and can narrow it down with feedback from your customers and what you are ultimately interested in.

That I need to regain focus, determine my ideal client, market on social media, and increase my fees to reflect my knowledge and experience.

My favourite thing was hearing all of the stories and perspective of all of the women there. It really felt like we were all there to support each other.

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