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We are so excited that the day is finally here. 

The Made To Grow Project, along with Cofoundr present...


The evolution of your entrepreneurial journey.


We are offering an opportunity for you to join us for a panel discussion, on what your biggest pain points are in business. Our goal is to speak intimately on the challenges we all face in business, and find tangible steps for you to take on your journey, with information that will help you to scale and make the best decisions possible for you and your business. 


We will dive deep into discussion, get to know those at our event, and choose 6 entrepreneurs to sit with us for 3 Round Table Discussions where we dive deeper into your pain points, and find solutions for you to grow. ( Dates TBA ). 


This is an opportunity for all women entrepreneurs, no matter your stage in business. We are offering space for you to come to create something you’ve always dreamed about, with mentorship from true experts who have walked the walk and are sharing their knowledge with us. 


Richard Avila

Chief Executive Officer

Cofoundr seeks bold entrepreneurs who thrive on the journey of building tangible, brick and mortar businesses from the ground up.

The team at Cofoundr are not only private equity investors; we’re committed partners. We provide early stage capital, offer seasoned strategic guidance, build up and manage the back-office portion of your business which allows founders to focus on their most honed skills.


Together, we’ll roll up our sleeves, dive into the trenches alongside you to build and scale your business

Gloria Thom

Chief Development Officer

We are beyond excited to share the next phase of The Made To Grow Project.
We’ve developed a partnership and opportunity for our community to sit at the table we once only dreamed of. 


Sherry Sobey and Nancy Dutiaume
Founders, Made To Grow Project

When we first sat at a dinner table and discussed what we needed when we first became entrepreneurs, the topic of financial help for women was a major factor for us. We’d learned how limited access to lending or funding, without putting up your residence as collateral. This was not a credit issue, or a savings issue, this was an access issue. And if we were dreaming big, we wanted women to have access to micro lending and small cash injections, that could provide them the means to funding to begin, or level up their businesses, without the run around. Simply put, an opportunity to sit at a table with investors who would help guide the way, assist in understanding the process, and how to present & prepare ourselves as women entrepreneurs, for opportunity to be considered when the time was right.   

In diving deeper, we had a pivotal revelation. When women are economically empowered, they invest up to 90% back into their communities, and offer profound growth to not only them individually, but to their collective, their communities. Elevating the standard of living to all who are around them.

THIS was the dream that The Made To Grow Project was built on.

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