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"It does NOT matter where you are in your business/entrepreneurship journey - you will absolutely benefit from being a part of a peer mentorship group. Sherry and Nancy have created an easy-to-follow outline that encourages you to dig deep. Even if you're not an entrepreneur newb, it's SO beneficial to revisit the topics it could reveal something new and exciting, or it could simply remind you why you started in the first place. 

Sherry and Nancy are true leaders as female entrepreneurs, and they provide a safe space to be REAL and honest about our own journeys.


Oh, and you'll make some lifelong friends along the way!"

-Rachel Panasiuk, Website Design & Business Guidance

"Joining a peer group with Sherry & Nancy was one the best decision I made this year.


The group became my safe place to run my business ideas without the fear of overwhelming them. Some of the homework exercises helped me polish my business mission & vision and identify my ideal customer. After each session, I get a clearer picture of what I'm doing right, not so right and how I can improve and what steps to take to move forward and grow.

Attending the Zoom meetings built my confidence in weaving my story on how I got started and the boost to show my audience (and the world) my most authentic self through my product offerings. Prairie grown blooms for the eco-conscious consumer.

The community that was formed in this peer group was composed of talented, passionate and intention led women whom I now call my peers.

Whether you are looking to find clarity in your business idea or be in the company of like minded business women who are already doing it, then this peer mentorship group may be just what you are looking for." 


 Lourdes Still, Masagana Flower Farm

"I had the amazing opportunity to participate in MADE to Grow’s Peer Mentor group with Nancy and Sherry this year. My journey with them started at the MADE to Grow Annual Event. I learned so much to help with my entrepreneurial journey and I was also able to meet and connect with others like me. I left the event excited and looking for more ways to grow myself and my business. So I jumped at the opportunity to join Nancy and Sherry’s Peer Mentor Group. Their energy and excitement to help others that I saw at the annual event was something I gravitated towards.


Our meetings, while not in person, were very helpful and impactful to me. Starting a business can be very scary and overwhelming and being part of this peer group helped me feel that I wasn’t alone in my journey. Nancy and Sherry helped us build the foundations of each of our businesses. At the end of each meeting we were left with an assignment that helped us move our businesses forward. We helped keep each other accountable to those tasks as we shared them with each other during the next meeting. It was great to be able to hear each other’s opinions and offer advice based on our own personal experiences. I always looked forward to our meetings and can’t wait for the opportunity to be part of another group in the future.


It’s important to have support in anything you do, especially with starting and running a business. Being a part of this peer mentor group was something I didn’t know I needed and I’m forever grateful for the knowledge, support and friendships I was able to take away."

Krystle Pagkalinawan , Plant Lab Botanical Design

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