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Fiercely Supporting The Growth Of Entreprenurial Women!


About The Made To Grow Project

Made To Grow is a community of entrepreneurial women that offers support, information and direction, in an effort to make the process of entrepreneurial life, an easier one.


We connect entrepreneurs with ideal mentors and motivators, that will help grow businesses with confidence and financial success. 

We also believe in the power of collaboration and connection and this is the foundation of what MADE to Grow is building on.

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Where Connections Are Made!



Welcome to the Made To Grow Community!!


We believe that no one finds their way here by accident, and that community will make all the difference in your entrepreneurial journey.


Within this community, you will discover the necessary tools for growth, opportunities to collaborate, beautiful friendships - unlike any other and ones you probably didn't know how much you needed.


We created this community so that you could find the necessary resources, connections and supports to grow, not only in business but in life. We focus on helping you develop a strong foundation for your business and then together we watch it grow and prosper.

If you're interested in learning more about our community, request a one time use "Guest Pass" to our Meet Up Monday. 

Sherry Sobey + Nancy Dutiaume

Founders, The Made To Grow Project


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