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MADE to Grow is a community of entrepreneurial women that offers support, information and direction, in an effort to make the process of entrepreneurial life, an easier one.


We connect entrepreneurs with ideal mentors and motivators, that will help grow businesses with confidence and financial success. 

We also believe in the power of collaboration and connection and this is the foundation of what MADE to Grow is building on.



"When you learn, teach. When you get, give" 

~Maya Angelou


MADE to Grow Founders

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Sherry Sobey

Sherry is the sole owner of Generation Green and Acorn Cafe in The Exchange District. 

Both, Generation Green & MTG are focused on connecting, building community and supporting ​others, all which are values Sherry insists on carrying with her no matter what she does. 

She has built a business over the past 9 years fueled by a whole lot of passion! 

Her "can do" attitude, never dismissing the people that cross her path and believing nothing is off limits!

Sherry is also a partner in the annual MB Food Fest, where she gets to work directly with local food and beverage developers and find creative ways to showcase them and her love for local.

In addition, being an impact speaker for United Way is another way she supports her community and brings awareness to organizations trying to make positive change.

Most importantly, balancing it all along with being a mother to three amazing young men!


While some may call it "busy", she calls it "living her best life."  

Nancy Dutiaume

Nancy is the sole owner of MADE Beauty Company, a freelance hair & makeup company. MADE is a team who provides exemplary hair and makeup services, while creating an environment where a client feels comfortable and confidant. 


In the beauty industry for 20 years, with 10 years at MAC Cosmetics, & 3 years as a representative for Laura Mercier, Nancy credits her career with MAC as the foundation to her expertise. Nancy thrives on teaching making skills to her community, and believes there is a confidence that exudes from us, when we focus on self care. Nancy is also a Clean Beauty Expert, and loves to share how to make better decisions in beauty products for ourselves, and our families.


Makeup Artistry provides the opportunity to create relationships with women. Nancy is passionate about helping women grow their ability to see past the mirror, and understand the magic that happens when they let our own light shine. 


 The mother of one son, finding the balance between family & business can be a struggle. The passion she has to connect with women and help them grow in life and in business, gives her the perfect balance.



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