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Tuesday, October 4th, 2022 @8pm CST

Communication: what makes good, bad or downright ugly communication. How to apply this to specific situations 


What Is Covered:

  • How your mindset, beliefs and perspective affect how you communicate with other people. 

  • Common communication errors and what differentiates good communication from bad.

  • An easily-applicable framework to structure your feedback, boundaries and requests of another that leaves everyone feeling seen, heard, acknowledged and validated.


What Participants Will Walk Away With:

  • Training around cognitive distortions and examples of how these distortions show up in real-life scenarios.

  • Clear differentiation between what is considered effective (good) or non-effective (bad) communication.

  • An easy to remember acronym to determine if whether their approach to communication is effective or not (EAR) within an interaction.

  • A technique to structure their thoughts, opinions or requests that emphasizes empathy and assertiveness and assists them in achieving their goals for the conversation.

Melissa is a certified life coach, business consultant (MBA included) and mentor with a mission of helping other women wake-up to their inner confidence, big dreams and best selves.


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What if you could show up as the unique & IMPERFECT human you are, and still create success, influence & delight by being yourself?


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Linda Drosdowech, Business & Life Coach, Writer & Speaker, helps her clients; business owners, writers & creatives lean into possibility, trust their decisions & cultivate joy.