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The Dual Journey Of Entrepreneurship - Embracing Struggle + Success.

Entrepreneurship is often painted with the broad strokes of success stories—those triumphant moments of victory and accomplishment. But there's another side to this journey, a side that is often left in the shadows: the struggles, the doubts, and the relentless challenges that can make even the strongest among us feel isolated.

graphic struggle and success can co-exist

At Made To Grow Project, we believe in shedding light on both sides of this path.

As Sherry and I have navigated the course of leading this incredible community, we've witnessed firsthand the silent battles many entrepreneurs face. The late nights, the financial uncertainties, the fear of failure—it’s all part of the entrepreneurial experience. Yet, in the midst of these challenges, we also see the glimmers of success, the breakthroughs, and the moments of sheer triumph. These experiences are not mutually exclusive; rather, they coexist in a delicate balance.

Our philosophy is simple: Struggle and success can, and do, exist together. It’s the acceptance of this duality that empowers us to move forward. By acknowledging our struggles and openly discussing them, we dismantle the barriers that hold us back. This transparency fosters a supportive environment where we can collectively find strength and resilience.

Hiding our difficulties does not lead to growth. We don’t thrive in isolation, nor do we progress when stress paralyzes us. True thriving occurs in community—in a space where vulnerability is met with empathy, and where stories of struggle are shared just as openly as stories of success. It’s in this communal support that we find the courage to ask for help, to share our burdens, and to uplift one another.

We’re here to do just that. At Made To Grow Project, we celebrate every success, no matter how small, but we also honor the struggles that are part of the journey. We offer a hand to those who stumble, helping them to rise, dust off, and take the next step. Remember, you are not alone in this. Reach out. Share your story. Together, we can navigate the highs and lows of entrepreneurship and emerge stronger on the other side.

Let’s embrace the full spectrum of our entrepreneurial journeys. In doing so, we not only pave the way for our individual success but also contribute to the collective strength and resilience of our community. Just ask, and we’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

The Dual Journey Of Entrepreneurship

Written by Nancy Dutiaume

Cofounder, Made To Grow Project


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