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Be sure to mark your calendars for these exciting, upcoming events!

These events are not restricted to members only, all women entrepreneurs are welcome and encouraged to join!


All of our events at Made To Grow are about fostering connections, and supporting one another in life and business growth.

We are beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Cofoundr for a panel event on May 31st at The Norwood Hotel. This presents an incredible opportunity for women entrepreneurs, one that we've hoped for since the inception of Made To Grow.


Cofoundr is dedicated to supporting and mentoring aspiring and established women entrepreneurs, helping them build scalable, successful, and profitable businesses.

The entrepreneurs behind Cofoundr (read more here), have achieved remarkable success in business growth and are eager to extend their support to the women in our Winnipeg community.


During the moderated panel discussion, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and gain insights into what it truly takes to scale a business.


Following the panel discussion, attendees will have an opportunity to connect and have conversation with the panel. Finally, six people will be invited back to a series of three roundtable sessions, where they will receive invaluable mentoring, at no additional costs.

We encourage you to get your ticket and claim one of only 50 seats.

A minimal investment of $50 is required to attend.


Our Next Networking Brunch is in:

 Winnipeg : Monday, June 10th

All other upcoming dates, ticket links and details are conveniently listed on our website here.


Made To Grow Project presents:

Get ready to unlock the ultimate secret to owning your presence. Prepare to dive deep into a practical game-changing strategy, that will flip the script on how you view self-care and self-love.This isn't just another talk – this electrifying experience not only includes a live transformation segment that will blow your mind and have you standing in your personal power with confidence and grace, but also have you walking away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.


June 13th, 2024

Join us for a heartfelt Fireside Chat on Conscious Grief Navigation.


We all encounter grief in various forms throughout our lives. Whether it's the loss of a loved one, a dream, or an expectation, grief touches us all. It's not something to be fixed or solved; it's a journey to be witnessed, to be validated and one we all need community for.


During this gathering, we'll create a safe space to honour our grief, to share our stories, and to find understanding in our shared experiences.


Refreshments offered.


Mulvey House is located

in River Heights at 693 Mulvey Avenue.


Building connections is the cornerstone of entrepreneurial success! Our events provide a unique opportunity to expand your network, share experiences, and gain valuable insights from those who understand your journey intimately.

Don't miss out on connections that could transform your business and personal growth. Join us and discover why we proudly say, "these are the best friends in business you didn't know you needed."

If you're interested in learning more about our membership, reach out anytime! You are also welcome to access a one time guest pass and join one of our virtual, Meet Up Monday sessions.


REMINDER: All of the events we offer at MTG, along with membership fees, are business expenses that you can claim.

Let us know what you would like to see more of, in our community.

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