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Be Our Guest

We invite you to join us as a guest for one of our Meet Up Monday virtual sessions.

Coffee + Community

We rotate using a 4 week theme for the Meet Up Mondays


Week 1  - ASK'S

What are you needing? This can be personal or for your professional. Asking doesn't have to be scary. Try instead to think "what is the best thing that could happen" . The more you ask, the more natural it will become. We support as a community.


Week 2 - Foundation Building

Let's ensure we are building our business on a solid foundation. This is when we do the inner work. This is what they don't teach you in business school. The more solid your internal foundation, the more successful you will become in business. This isn't a course in college, this is something we teach here.


Week 3 - Guest Speaker OR Mastermind

Our community experts share their zone of genius, or professional services for these sessions.


Week 4 - Tactile

Let's get our cleats in the ground, and dig in to the nitty-gritty of starting and growing a business, as an entrepreneur. These are the steps needed to catapult your business forward.

Note: These meetings are not recorded.

Participation is key to gaining growth through MTGP.


If just listening in with video off  is the option, the just show up. If you have kids and need to go off video to parent, do it. Show up as you are. We want you to get all you can from this community.  The more you're here, the more you are top of mind to those in the community.

This is how referrals and support is created.


It's just like buying a gym membership. You don't get results, if you don't show up!


*Please note, these meetings are not recorded.


  • Meet Up Monday - 8:30am PDT | 10:30am CDT | 11:30am EDT approximately 90 minutes.

Members are welcome to join either session, or both! These meetings are a fantastic way to get to know other members, hear about their business challenges, celebrate wins and be part of the magic in sharing as a peer driven community.

Meet Up Guest

Join Us As Our Guest

Request access to one of our Meet Up  Monday's (specify date please) and a guest zoom link will be forwarded to you.

Please note, we only offer one guest pass per attendee.

We'll be in touch soon!

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