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Our community brunches are a great opportunity to expand your connections. These provide the perfect environment to meet with other local entrepreneurs, and find future clients and collaboration opportunities.


With five brunches throughout the year, we provide you with the platform to be with like minded entrepreneurs who are edging their businesses forward.

MTGP Members - A discount code can be found in the private Facebook Group.



9:30   Arrival  |  Coffee & Juice

9:45   Introductions | 10 Second Pitch 

10:30 Brunch Buffet

11:00  Guest Speaker | Q + A

12-1    Networking



Monday, January 9th
Friday, March 10th
Monday, May 8th
Friday, September 15th
Monday, November 6th
Friday, April 14th
Monday, June 12th
Winnipeg Guest Speaker:  
Osteopath, Kat Friesen of Dragonheart Healing
Monday, May 8th 
Norwood Hotel, 112 Marion Street 


Guest speaker,  Kat Friesen of Dragon Heart Healing. Kat is an Athletic Therapist, Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Yoga Teacher and Healer.

Kat works with people like you to address how you feel and help you get your own voice back when it comes to your body. We will be addressing a conversation around women and burn out, how it's become an epidemic, and what we don't even realize what we're doing to contribute to the burn out. 

Join us for a conversation on getting to the root of nervous system regulation. Breaking down the physiology and how we can begin the healing process to feeling good in our bodies again.

Joanne Zuk Headshot.jpeg
Friday, April 14th 
Coast Capri Hotel 1171 Harvey Ave.

Kelowna Guest Speaker:  
Joanne Zuk, Business Strategist + Advisor

By the age of 9, you learned it’s not polite to ask for what you want. This conditioning was reinforced throughout your life, and as a female business owner, you probably struggle to negotiate with clients, partners, suppliers and employees. You're not alone.


Joanne will teach you to spot and manage the five blind spots that are sabotaging you every time you think about asking for what you want. You will learn how to tap into your strengths, optimize your profits, and grow your business through negotiation. 


Joanne Zuk is a business strategist and consultant who loves helping women develop the knowledge, confidence and strategies they need to negotiate for what they deserve and desire everyday. She is the author of more than 50 articles on negotiation and the creator of the Fearless Negotiation series of courses.

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