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Our community brunches are a great opportunity to expand your connections. These provide the perfect environment to meet with other local entrepreneurs, and find future clients and collaboration opportunities.


With five brunches throughout the year, we provide you with the platform to be with like minded entrepreneurs who are edging their businesses forward.



MTGP Members - A discount code can be found in the private Facebook Group.



9:30   Arrival  |  Coffee & Juice

9:45   Introductions | 10 Second Pitch 

10:30 Brunch Buffet

11:00  Guest Speaker | Q + A

12-1    Networking



Monday, November 6th
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Our November Winnipeg brunch is being held on Monday, November 6th, with guest speaker, Candace Grenier of Pure Anada.


Candace willshare her entrepreneurial journey, and how she went from concocting cosmetics in her kitchen 15 years ago, to her bath and beauty products being shipped to caring and conscientious consumers all across Canada and the world, to acquiring Portia Ella and continuing to grow in the clean beauty market!

Friday, October 27th 

Guest speaker, Valerie McTavish (Video Confidence & Strategy Coach) will be talking about "Hidden Hurdles: Conquering the Confidence Gap to Grow Your Business".

Imposter syndrome. Fear of failure. Agonizing over price increases. Discomfort putting anything out into the world that isn't perfect... 

These might seem like standard entrepreneurial struggles but they're all proof of the confidence gap. Many of us are totally unaware of this hidden hurdle and the impact it has on our entrepreneurial growth.

In this eye-opening talk, we'll explore what the confidence gap is as well as the subtle ways it might be affecting your decisions, aspirations, and bottom line. 

Awareness is step one but we're going to take it further with practical strategies and insight on how to escape the clutches of this covert challenge. And, we'll finish off with an open discussion because this is a universal issue with female entrepreneurs and the more open we talk about it, the less of an impact it has!

Prepare to unlock your untapped potential, break free from the chains of self-doubt, and emerge as a more confident and empowered entrepreneur. Don't let the confidence gap hold you back any longer - let's conquer it together. 

Friday, November 3rd

Guest speaker, Jaime Hawryluk (Functional Hormone Specialist) will be speaking on "Cycle Synching to Optimize your Health & Business as a Female Entrepreneur". 

Women have been conditioned to gracefully adjust to society's workplace, environment, schedule and approach to productivity for a long time now.

Exploring productivity as an entrepreneur through our female paradigm could be the key to unlocking that added edge women have been looking for. What if the secret to successful project planning and execution was embedded in the female hormonal cycle? What if you knew the exact biochemically optimized moment to expand your business? To close that deal? Or even the exact time of month you should be leading that team meeting or activity? Learning to sync your female hormonal cycle with your work and life schedule is the ultimate bio-hack that is helping women harness their energy and productivity.

Jaime will be sharing how we as women entrepreneurs, can utilize our unique biochemistry to bio-hack ourselves to success!

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